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Potential For Valentine’s Day DDoS Attacks

Distributed Denial of Service attacks occur all year round however it is in the run up to holidays and events that you tend to see their frequency grow as they try and make the most impact. Basically these attacks are designed so that the website that they are targeted towards cannot function as it normally would and most of the time this results in downtime for the website and therefore loss of money for the business. Hence why they are most effective around holidays and times of the year where most people would use a particular service.

Essentially what happens is that an attack engulfs a website with incoming requests and when the site itself cannot handle that much data all at once it shuts itself down and therefore no one can use its services. It is not just big companies that are targeted in this way – although they are the most common – and many smaller firms have been experiencing a rise in these DDoS attacks in recent years.

As we are approaching Valentine's Day it is expected that many card stores and businesses that rely on this day for a large part of their profits will be targeted by these attacks as those who start them try and make a big a problem as possible and also increase the attention and acknowledgment of the attack itself.

If you have not yet got protection against DDoS attack, then you have to ask yourself why not? It does not cost the earth to be properly protected and it is something that could be the difference between your business staying open during its busiest period of the year and it losing a lot of money because it experience downtime in the run up to Valentine's Day and thus your yearly profits will be seriously affected as a result. Choose your security plan, start 24 hours free trial and prevent DDoS attacks.

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